The Forty-Fives Music

High Life High Volume

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Who Do You Think You Are (mp3)
Go Ahead And Shout (mp3)
Bad Reputation (mp3)
Superpill  (Video) (mp3)
Backstage At Juanita's (mp3)
Daddy Rolling Stone (mp3)
Junk Food Heaven (mp3)
Too Many Miles (mp3)
Bicycle Thief (mp3)
C'mon Now Love Me (mp3)
Stop At Nothing (mp3)

Fight Dirty

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Trying To Get Next To You (mp3)
Out Of My Mind (mp3)
Lost Track Of You (mp3)
Follow Me Down (mp3)
Hideout (mp3)
What A Way To Go (mp3)
The Devil Beats His Wife (mp3)
Midnight Creep (mp3)
My Kind Of Girl (mp3)
Hanging By A Thread (mp3)
Great Escape (mp3)
Never Gonna Leave Here (mp3)

Get It Together


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Get Out (mp3)
Without Love (mp3)
More Than Ever (mp3)
Drive All Night (mp3)
Undercover Man (mp3)
Drinkin' With No. 3 (mp3)
King Of Mexico (mp3)
Get It Together (mp3)
All Now (mp3)
Anytime At All (mp3)
Ain't That Lovin' You (mp3)
Don't Wanna Be The One (mp3)
When You Least Expect It (mp3)